There are various things that could cause a product to pose dangers to a child. One is if the product contains toxic substances. Exposure to such substances could have the potential to have long-term health consequences for kids.

Now, there are products parents may readily associate with hazardous chemicals and frequently take steps to keep out of their kids’ reach. Examples include certain types of cleaning products.

But, hazardous substances could also show up in products parents might not expect. Take the findings of a recent report from the consumer advocacy group United States Public Interest Research Group, for example. This report found there to be toxic substances in certain types of school supplies. It found that:

  • One brand of crayons contains asbestos
  • One brand of markers contains benzene
  • One brand of three-ring binders contains phthalates

Now, when toxic chemicals and materials show up in unexpected products, it is often in small amounts. However, cumulative exposure to small amounts of such substances still has the potential to raise significant health and safety issues for kids.

These days, parents have a wider range of choices than ever of products to get for their kids, due to the amount of products available online. While this can be very convenient for parents, it can also create challenges when it comes to keeping kids safe from items that unexpectedly contain toxic substances.

In this environment, what can parents do to try to ensure that the products that they give to their kids are safe? One is to carefully research the products they are considering getting, to see if any safety concerns have come up. Another is keeping an eye on whether recalls have been issued on anything they have bought.

It is important to remember though that there is generally no way parents can be completely sure of what substances the products their kids use contain. This underscores how important it is for companies that make products for children to take appropriate measures to ensure their products don’t contain hidden dangers.