Everyone on the road can contribute to increased safety for motorcyclists in Georgia. Each year too many motorcycle drivers and passengers die in accidents largely caused by negligence of others on the roads. Every person on the road, no matter what vehicle they drive, can take precautions to reduce the risk of devastating injuries to motorcyclists.

No one can shirk the responsibility of watching out for the safety of motorcyclists. It isn’t enough to assume another driver or motorcyclist will take added precautions, so your role in staying aware of these more vulnerable travelers can be the difference between safety and disaster on Georgia’s roadways.

Cars contribute to the dangers

One of the greatest dangers to motorcyclists is other vehicles on the road, whether that’s cars, trucks or other two-wheeled vehicles. If drivers of cars understand the added risks that motorcyclists experience they may better understand the importance of their role in preventing motorcycle-involved crashes.

Any number of factors impact the safety of motorcycling. Road conditions, weather, proper clothing, extremity protection, proper bike maintenance and heightened awareness of surroundings all contribute to the safety of a motorcycle ride. Motorcyclists know the risks and take on the added responsibilities of safe riding, but drivers of cars can keep some things in mind:

  • Always take an extra look at blind spots and your car’s surroundings to check for motorcyclists before making a lane change
  • Use a turn signal for a few seconds before turning or changing lanes to ensure other drivers see the signal
  • Give a motorcycle the same amount of space in a lane as you’d leave for another car
  • Follow far enough behind to give yourself a chance to stop safely

These small added tasks can make all the difference in preventing motorcycle accidents. Keep in mind that a collision between two cars and a collision between a car and motorcycle can have vastly different results even in the same circumstances. These fellow travelers are more exposed and therefore more vulnerable to detrimental outcomes on the road.

Safety measures for motorcyclists

Motorcycle owners and operators in Georgia have access to a number of mandatory and voluntary safety programs. The state Department of Driver Services offers basic and advanced riders courses throughout the year for first-time and repeated riders to learn and brush up on skills and safety.

Skilled riders know what it takes to prioritize safety on the roads. Use signals and visibility tools, conduct regular maintenance on a bike and wear protective gear at all times to combat the dangers of motorcycle riding. It takes the participation and prioritization of everyone on the roads to keep every driver, rider, passenger and pedestrian safer.