Georgia supermarkets present many potential hazards, such as slippery floors and spoiled foods. That’s why some grocery stores are turning to new technology for assistance. For example, Argo Risk Tech is a provider of safety technology that’s being used in over 1,200 locations across 40 states.

With sensors and other technology, Argo Risk Tech is able to track when employees move around the floor and identify hazards. The tech team can then give the client (the store owner) specific instructions.

One of the benefits of Argo’s platform is that it can report any incidents in real-time by photographing them and noting any witnesses. By reporting an incident the same day it happens, clients can cut down the time and cost of addressing an issue by about 10 times. The platform also makes it easier just to simply compile data.

To help make sure greens, meats and other perishable items are at the right temperature and available only within their expiration dates, the platform offers sensor- and thermometer-based solutions. These solutions comply with federal food safety requirements and help reduce the risks of foodborne illnesses.

Someone who has been injured in a supermarket and believes that it was due to the owner’s negligence may want to file a premises liability claim. This generally means consulting with a lawyer and having the case evaluated. It must be proven that the owner breached the duty of care owed to the victim as a lawful entrant. The lawyer could bring in investigators to obtain the incident report, surveillance footage and any other evidence.