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May 2019 Archives

The top three deadliest cars on the road

In today's world, Georgia motorists enjoy access to some of the safest vehicles ever made. While automakers are continuously improving their vehicles to eliminate risks, some cars are still traditionally safer than others. That's why consumers looking for used vehicles should still consider safety in addition to cost before making a purchase.

Does your teenager practice safe habits when walking?

When your child was young, you may have required him or her to hold your hand when crossing the street. Although your child may have grown beyond that need, there are still risks associated with crossing the street and walking near traffic. Teenagers typically have the capability to walk safely on their own, but they do not always make safe choices when walking.

Used car buyers beware: Dealers might not mention recalls

When a Georgia driver is in the market for a new car, he or she has certain protections under law that new car dealers are required to adhere too. For example, dealers are required under federal law to repair known defects in new cars. Car rental companies must do this as well, but used cars are different. Potential used car buyers do not have to be told by the seller about recalls or known safety issues as there is no federal law that says they do. Some safety advocates say there should be one, but there is controversy over whether used car sellers should be required to repair known safety defects before a sale.

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