Teenage drivers may be more likely to get into an accident between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This is because they will spend more time on Georgia roads and others in the United States during this period. As they tend to lack experience behind the wheel, it is a good idea for parents to talk about how to stay safe while driving. For instance, they should stress that it is never a good idea to drive while tired or intoxicated.

It may also be a good idea for teen drivers to stick to areas that they are familiar with and to limit their night driving. Furthermore, younger drivers should understand what to do if they enter a construction zone. Properly maintaining their vehicles can be another way to stay safe while on the road during the summer season.

Ideally, tires will have proper air pressure and the gas tank will be full. If possible, teens should be driving vehicles with advanced safety features to ensure that they make it to their destination and back. They should also be sure to use their seat belts and to limit distractions while operating a motor vehicle. Teens should also be taught how not to be a distraction when riding in a vehicle as a passenger.

Impaired driving, distracted driving and drowsy driving may all contribute to an increased risk of motor vehicle accidents. Injured victims might be entitled to compensation for medical bills or other costs if a negligent driver hurt them. Videos, photos and witness statements may make it possible to prove that a driver who caused a crash was negligent in doing so. An attorney may help gather such evidence or understand how to use it to gain leverage in settlement talks or at trial.