Georgia drivers might want to use extra caution when traveling area roadways over the Fourth of July holiday. According to a new study by Value Penguin, the drunk driving fatality rate is 23% higher on Independence Day than the average rate for six other U.S. holidays.

To reach their conclusions, researchers reviewed holiday car crash data from 2010 through 2017. They found that 1,192 people were killed in alcohol-related accidents during the Fourth of July holiday over that eight-year period. The next deadliest holiday was Memorial Day weekend, which accounted for 1,105 DUI-related deaths over the same period of time. They also determined that Americans were 57% more at risk for getting into a deadly DUI accident on July 4, 2017, than any other summer day that year.

According to the study, an average of 42.4 people died in DUI accidents on the Fourth of July, making it the deadliest holiday on the calendar. An average of 39.5 people died in DUI crashes on Memorial Day, an average of 38.1 on Labor Day, an average of 31.7 on New Year’s Day, an average of 27.9 on Thanksgiving Day and an average of 27.7 on Christmas Day. The study also found that more people died in DUI crashes when the Fourth of July fell on a Wednesday and fewer people died when it fell on a Saturday.

Drunk driving car accidents can cause catastrophic injuries that leave victims temporarily or permanently unable to work. In order to recover their losses, victims of DUI crashes have the right to sue the at-fault driver for various monetary damages, including medical expenses, lost wages and property loss. They also have the right to seek compensation for non-monetary damages like pain and suffering and mental distress. Accident victims may learn more about their legal options by consulting with a personal injury attorney.