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premises liability Archives

Shooting victims file premises liability lawsuit against Walmart

Premises owners in Georgia and around the country are not generally held responsible when criminals commit violent crimes on their properties as long as they were not warned about any looming threats and the incident was not foreseeable. Challenges to this legal position have usually fared poorly in the courts, but the plaintiffs in premises liability lawsuits do score an occasional victory. In February, a case against Planned Parenthood was allowed to proceed when a judge in Colorado ruled that the nonprofit organization knew about potential threats and should have taken more robust security measures.

Avoiding injuries when riding escalators

The National Elevator Industry, Inc. has published some tips to keep people safe on escalators in Georgia and across the U.S. These moving staircases can cause injuries to riders who slip and fall while entering or exiting the escalator or who get caught in the mechanism as it goes around. The legal theory of premises liability might allow injured parties to recover following escalator accidents.

New tech may reduce safety risks in supermarkets

Georgia supermarkets present many potential hazards, such as slippery floors and spoiled foods. That's why some grocery stores are turning to new technology for assistance. For example, Argo Risk Tech is a provider of safety technology that's being used in over 1,200 locations across 40 states.

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