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Methods to diagnose cancer

There are a number of different approaches that may be used to diagnose cancer for patients in Georgia. These tests are necessary because many different symptoms might indicate cancer, but they could also indicate some other condition.

Diagnostic methods including biopsies of tumors, diagnostic imaging, lab tests and endoscopic exams. In a biopsy, a sample of cells or tissue is taken to be tested. This might be done on an outpatient basis, or it could require a hospital visit and sedation. Diagnostic imaging may include X-rays, mammograms, ultrasounds, bone scans or MRIs. Lab tests could include tumor markers, urinalyses or blood tests. Colonoscopies and cystoscopies are both types of endoscopic exams.

Teens should be vigilant while driving during the summer

Teenage drivers may be more likely to get into an accident between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This is because they will spend more time on Georgia roads and others in the United States during this period. As they tend to lack experience behind the wheel, it is a good idea for parents to talk about how to stay safe while driving. For instance, they should stress that it is never a good idea to drive while tired or intoxicated.

It may also be a good idea for teen drivers to stick to areas that they are familiar with and to limit their night driving. Furthermore, younger drivers should understand what to do if they enter a construction zone. Properly maintaining their vehicles can be another way to stay safe while on the road during the summer season.

What damages can you seek in a personal injury claim?

Did you suffer injuries in a car accident? Did you suffer physical, financial or emotional harm as a result of the actions of another Georgia driver? If so, you understand how difficult the aftermath of an accident can be, including all the ways your injuries or damage to your personal property can impact your life.

If your accident was not your fault, you could have valid grounds to pursue financial recovery through a personal injury claim. You will find it beneficial to learn about the types of damages that may be available to you and how you can pursue the amount you deserve for a full recovery. It helps to understand the various types of damages available and how you can move forward with the civil claims process.

The top three deadliest cars on the road

In today's world, Georgia motorists enjoy access to some of the safest vehicles ever made. While automakers are continuously improving their vehicles to eliminate risks, some cars are still traditionally safer than others. That's why consumers looking for used vehicles should still consider safety in addition to cost before making a purchase.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has provided a list for the deadliest vehicles that are still on the nation's roadways today. The list covered vehicles between the model years of 2013 to 2017. Topping the list is the Mitsubishi Mirage, which has a fatal accident rate of 10.2 cars per billion vehicle miles. No. 2 is the Chevrolet Corvette, which has a fatal accident rate of 9.8 cars per billion vehicle miles. Rounding out the top three is the Honda Fit, with a fatal accident rate of 7.7 cars per billion vehicle miles.

Does your teenager practice safe habits when walking?

When your child was young, you may have required him or her to hold your hand when crossing the street. Although your child may have grown beyond that need, there are still risks associated with crossing the street and walking near traffic. Teenagers typically have the capability to walk safely on their own, but they do not always make safe choices when walking.

Teenage pedestrians are prone to distractions and sometimes forget to look properly before crossing the road. They also may not recognize certain, high-risk situations. Your teenager may no longer need to hold your hand when walking, but he or she may benefit from periodic reminders about safe pedestrian behaviors.

Used car buyers beware: Dealers might not mention recalls

When a Georgia driver is in the market for a new car, he or she has certain protections under law that new car dealers are required to adhere too. For example, dealers are required under federal law to repair known defects in new cars. Car rental companies must do this as well, but used cars are different. Potential used car buyers do not have to be told by the seller about recalls or known safety issues as there is no federal law that says they do. Some safety advocates say there should be one, but there is controversy over whether used car sellers should be required to repair known safety defects before a sale.

Consumer Reports launched a special investigation into the issue by sending out secret shoppers to purchase used cars. The Takata airbag recalls that affected several models of Honda and Ford vehicles were the focus of the investigation. Secret shoppers were sent to find cars included in these recalls for sale at used car dealerships, which they found online and across the country.

Root Insurance on the nationwide issue of distracted driving

In a recent study from Root Insurance, 47% of the drivers surveyed said distractions were their top concern while behind the wheel. Almost all of them, 99%, considered phones to be among the top three sources of distraction. Yet despite their awareness of the danger of distracted driving, the respondents reported using their phones an average of 13 minutes every day while behind the wheel. Georgia residents should know that Generation Z drivers are especially prone to this distraction.

Root Insurance also released the 2019 Focused Driving Report, and it revealed that Gen Z drivers (individuals aged 18 to 24) use their mobile devices 20 times for every 100 miles they travel. Root Insurance believes that providing incentives to people who avoid using their phones while behind the wheel can be an effective way to reduce distracted driving. In 2018, the company launched its Focused Driving Discount, which can provide up to a 10% discount on insurance quotes.

Risk Institute sheds light on distracted driving factors

Distracted driving has reached epidemic levels in Georgia and the rest of the U.S. Every day in this country, according to the National Safety Council, 9 people die and 100 are injured in crashes where one of the drivers was distracted. In the effort to increase awareness of this trend, the NSC has designated every April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

As part of Distracted Driving Awareness Month, the Risk Institute at The Ohio State University has come out with new research that sheds light on the various factors involved in distracted driving. It is also coordinating a nationwide effort to reduce distracted driving with the help of companies, government entities and researchers in areas like behavioral science and engineering.

Feds fail to take action on truck safety regulations

Large truck crashes have increased in Georgia and across the U.S. over the past few years. In 2017, 4,102 people were killed in truck crashes nationwide. This represented a 28 percent spike over 2009. Of the people killed, 17 percent were truck drivers or truck occupants, 68 percent were occupants of passenger vehicles and 14 percent were bicyclists, motorcyclists or pedestrians.

According to Road Safe America and other truck safety organizations, large truck accidents could be reduced if the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would mandate the use of automatic emergency braking and forward collision avoidance systems for the trucking industry. These systems have been repeatedly recommended by the National Transportation Safety Board over the last decade, but the NHTSA has failed to take action.

AAA cautions against drowsy driving in daylight saving time

When Georgia residents lose one hour of rest for daylight saving time, drowsiness could seep in. This fatigue could become a major hazard when they get behind the wheel. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety upholds the opinion that everyone should get seven hours of sleep a night. Furthermore, the foundation claims that those who skip one to two hours of rest in a 24-hour period nearly double their chances for a crash.

AAA also states that someone who only sleeps five hours in a 24-hour period will be as impaired on the road as a driver who exceeds the legal limit for alcohol. The safety organization thus recommends that all drivers adjust their sleep schedules prior to daylight saving time. Only adequate sleep can prevent drowsiness.

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