As your child grows older and makes friends around the neighborhood, they will likely be invited over to play often. You are always concerned about their safety, and you would hope any other parent who supervises them would feel the same.

Unfortunately, accidents can happen. Nowhere is this probably more common than on properties that own a trampoline. When you were younger, wasn’t the kid down the road with a trampoline the coolest one on the block? As fun as a trampoline can be, if it is not used safely it can cause an injury.

If your child is injured on a trampoline, it could lead to stitches or other medical care that costs money. In this case, who is liable for the injury?

An owner’s duty

Under Georgia code, the owner and occupier of land is liable for what happens on their property. When they lead someone else to come onto their premises for any lawful purpose, that owner is liable in damages for injuries that are caused by their failure to “exercise ordinary care” to keep it safe.

The invitation onto the property can be express or implied, and the owner is still liable. For instance, if a neighbor offhandedly invites your child to come play on a trampoline and doesn’t do their duty keeping the property safe for the youngster, they are liable for any injuries that occur.

Insurance companies that represent property owners may try to fight back, but you can work with your own advocate if you need to seek damages. You should not be financially responsible for the negligence of someone who should have ensured the care of your child while they were at play.