Georgia drivers may now be using cellphones in more risky ways compared to previous years. This is according to observational surveys that compared driver habits in 2014 and 2018. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety researchers say that 2018 drivers were 57 percent more likely to be seen using their cellphones to text than in 2014. However, 2014 motorists were more prone to making calls while behind the wheel.

Most safety organizations agree that using phones while driving can be dangerous, but it can be difficult to determine how many fatal accidents are caused by distracted driving. It generally depends upon self-reporting from drivers or the examination of drivers’ phones. However, some research says that the chance of a deadly motor vehicle accident is 66 percent higher when a driver is using a phone. Based on this data, the IIHS has estimated that around 800 traffic fatalities in 2017 may have been the result of using the phone while driving.

Texting, emailing or using apps while driving can be particularly dangerous because these actions take an operator’s eyes away from the road. However, other activities can be distracting as well. Drivers who talk on a cellphone may tend to focus their attention on just one part of the road. Even sipping a drink or talking to children in the car can be distracting.

A distracted driver may cause a traffic accident that leads to catastrophic injuries and major expenses. That’s why an injured crash victim might want to reach out to an attorney. Legal counsel could negotiate for a fair settlement that compensates for all damages.