Whether you have been involved in an accident before or not, it is not a desirable experience. Accidents can be traumatizing, and most victims do not get over it soon. Therefore, it is essential to understand what the law states about actions to take after a car accident to make sure you act within the law. 

According to HG, there are several steps to follow when it comes to seeking compensation for injuries resulting from a car accident. Here is what you should consider doing. 

Stay in the Accident Scene and call the police 

You should avoid leaving the accident scene until the police arrive. In the meantime, you should be helping those with severe injuries by administering first aid. Also, it may help if you make emergency calls to medical facilities nearby to get help. 

Collect evidence and witness information 

The authorities act as the first piece of evidence they get from the scene of the accident. Therefore, you should gather sufficient evidence to help the police investigate the matter. A police statement is crucial because it will help to determine who was at fault and ended up causing the accident. 

Among the most crucial pieces of evidence, you may provide pictures. Therefore, you should take clear images of the damage caused and, if possible, the injuries on the survivors. If any court proceedings are necessary, you may also require this evidence. 

Notify your Insurer 

Contact your insurance provider to provide any necessary documentation they may require. There is a legal process governing the filing of insurance claims in Georgia. The insurer will play their part in investigating the accident and damage then give you a settlement offer.